Clearly: the sweet Alessio Lombardi is already an eye-catcher on the red carpet
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Clearly: the sweet Alessio Lombardi is already an eye-catcher on the red carpet

Carina is also going on the journey. It was also dumped by Daniel Völz in the latest season, but even made it to the semi-finals. There, she was particularly noticeable with special remarks, mistaking Vietnam for Venice and preferring to party instead of having a romantic chat with the Bachelor. 

Carina: The blonde reached the “Bachelor” semifinals in 2018. (Source: MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi)

“I could do without the Oli”

Among the singles who are all looking for their happiness in Thailand under – as the name suggests – heavenly conditions, there is also a genuine former bachelor’s degree. Oliver Sanne wants to know again. In 2015 he was looking for his dream woman among 22 women. Two of them are now back in the race. One of them is Pam. “I could do without the Oli in paradise,” she says. Logical, after all, he had decided against her then. 

Oliver Sanne: The former Bachelor is also a former Mr. Germany. (Source: MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi)

Here you can see which former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” participants are still there and also choose who promises fire and who makes the program rather icy. 

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Florian Ambrosius: He will moderate the rose spectacle. (Source: MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi)

And how does it all work?

The broadcast starts on May 9th. In six episodes, the candidates seek love happiness from one another. Both men and women drop out and new singles are added. There will always be an imbalance between the sexes, so that on the night of the roses someone will always have to go home without a rose. The men and women take turns awarding roses.

Sources used: “Bachelor in Paradise” report on own research 

The life of the former DSDS candidate finally seems to be returning to normal. After Sarah Lombardi recently posed in public with her new love, it has now become known: The singer is also making progress professionally.

As the “Bild” newspaper now found out, Sarah should be part of a casting show. The TV star already indicated on Facebook that there would be a new project soon, but was not allowed to reveal what exactly it was.


Posted by Sarah Lombardi on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The newspaper has now learned that Pietro Lombardi’s still wife will be part of “Curvy Supermodel”. Sarah should not sit on the jury, but act as a backstage reporter and, for example, introduce the candidates. That sounds like an exciting project.

“Curvy Supermodel” jury: Carlo Castro, Angelina Kirsch, Jana Ina Zarella and Peyman Amin (source: RTL 2 / Magdalena Possert)

Sarah Lombardi in the kilo fight: ” I just don’t know what to do anymore ” Sarah and Pietro Lombardi: That’s why they’re doing the separation show on TV photo sensation: love selfie by Sarah Lombardi

The casting show is already in its second season. The jury, consisting of Angelina Kirsch (who is currently also dancing with “Let’s Dance”), Jana Ina Zarrella, Carlo Castro and Peyman Amin are looking for a model who can show curves instead of skinny dimensions.

Sarah and Pietro Lombardi became famous together. The two met at DSDS and took first and second place. Then both got a show together, fans could accompany the couple in everyday life. Now Sarah is going on her way, alone. She gets her first own TV show.

Pietro made the start, he can currently be seen alone on “Global Gladiators”. Now Sarah’s first solo project follows. She will host the show “Curvy Supermodel – Das Magazin”. From July 17th, the casting show “Curvy Supermodel – Echt. Schön. Kurvig” will be followed by another magazine on RTL II with Sarah Lombardi. The brunette presents backstage stories and exclusive insights into the lives of the candidates on their way into the modeling community essay sample

Sarah Lombardi in the kilo fight: ” I just don’t know what to do anymore ” Photo sensation: love selfie by Sarah Lombardi TV hit: Sarah Lombardi takes part in the casting show

Three episodes are planned, a success for Sarah and a beginning as Sarah and no longer as Sarah-and-Pietro in the media. After the strong negative criticism from the outside, the 24-year-old does not give in and continues.

Sarah Lombardi stands by her new love: After separating from Pietro last year, she did not dare to live her new happiness in public for a long time – until now.

Already in the interview a few weeks ago, Sarah confessed: “Yes, we are together.” Now the singer goes one step further. She posts her first love photo in her “Sarah Lombardi” app.

Michal T. and Sarah Lombardi are finally happy together. (Source: Sarah Lombardi / App)

After it became public that the 24-year-old had cheated on her husband, she went through hell. The popularity that Sarah was able to enjoy before suddenly turned into hatred. But now it seems like the mother of a son no longer wants to feel guilty. On the contrary, in her app she posts the words: “Do what you want yourself, not what others want!”

Sarah Lombardi posted the picture in her app. (Source: Sarah Lombardi / App)

Sarah Lombardi in the kilo fight: ” I just don’t know what to do anymore ” Sarah and Pietro Lombardi: That’s why they’re doing the separation show on TV Now it’s official: Sarah Lombardi: ” Yes, we’re together! ‘ ‘

Sarah and her Michal are happy and maybe the fans can look forward to the lovers too.

They were the dream couple of German trash TV: Sarah and Pietro Lombardi. But in October their marriage broke up, Sarah cheated. The surprising end of love was already five months ago, but the former DSDS couple still dominates the headlines. They are followed at every turn, what they post is commented on.

Caught! – Sarah Lombardi and Michal T. are a couple


Sarah Lombardi and Michal T. are a couple

The first exclusive moving images show the lovebirds in Disneyland Paris. Video

On Tuesday evening, Pietro shared a new music video with his fans. “What’s the point of money if you lack love?” He sings in the 45-second clip. His Facebook followers quickly suspect a hidden message to his ex. Has the DSDS winner from 2011 not yet got over the separation? Pietro creates clarity.

“I just wanted to make it clear that no matter what song I sing and no matter what I sing, it has nothing to do with Sarah,” the 24-year-old now writes on Facebook and adds: “I have finished with Sarah 100 percent . “

I just wanted to make it clear that no matter what song I sing and no matter what I sing has nothing to do with sarah …

Posted by Pietro Lombardi on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 Sarah and Pietro Lombardi: That’s why they make the separation show on TV Sarah Lombardi’s mother unpacks: ” The relationship has been broken for a year ” Sarah Lombardi on her affair: ” I’m ashamed me for what happened ”

Only their son Alessio would still connect the ex-dream couple. Fans could hope in vain for a love comeback. “Sarah has a new one and that’s a good thing,” said Pietro.

Pietro Lombardi is very excited about Easter. This year, the singer came up with something very special for his little son Alessio, as he has now revealed to

Pietro Lombardi is a fan of Easter. The holidays should not only be a joy for him, but especially for his little son Alessio. In order for that to happen, the proud dad has come up with a special surprise for him this year. “I plan to get into an Easter bunny costume. Then I play the Easter bunny, go away and come back in as dad. It will definitely be fun,” the 25-year-old reveals his plans to 

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Pietro and Sarah celebrate together

But that shouldn’t be the only surprise for his fans. As Pietro further reveals, he will not only celebrate Easter with son Alessio, but also with his ex Sarah. And what else is on the program besides the Easter bunny campaign? “We hide Easter eggs and go out to eat”, explains the DSDS winner from 2011. Sounds like very relaxed Easter days.

Sources used: Pietro Lombardi’s Instagram profile

Alessio is in bed – time for Pietro Lombardi to address his fans. He emphasizes how nice it is to be a dad and raves about his ex Sarah.

Sarah and Pietro married in 2013, when they were just 20 years old. In 2015 her son Alessio saw the light of day. After pictures of Sarah’s affair appeared, the couple separated in October 2016. Little Alessio continues to weld the two together. 

“The real purpose in life is our children,” explains Pietro Lombardi in a video via Instagram Stories and emphasizes “that there is nothing better than being a dad”. He also says: “Everything else will eventually pass, but your children will always stay, they will always love you.” Fame and money are an insignificant minor matter compared to the love of children.

“I will always appreciate that, no matter what happened”

But he doesn’t just talk about the role of fathers, he doesn’t ignore mothers in his post either: “Being a mum is really a very hard job – and the most beautiful. Cheers to all mums out there.” One mother deserves particularly emotional words from Pietro – his ex Sarah Lombardi: “That’s why a huge thank you to Alessio’s mom Sarah. Thank you for always being there for the little one. You are a power mom. You fight for the little one every day I will always appreciate that about you, no matter what. You are a really, really great mom. “

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

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Source: – Pietro Lombardi’s Instagram profile

The main thing is that Alessio is doing well – and Sarah Lombardi and her ex Pietro take care of that with a lot of heart. Now the two-year-old was allowed to accompany his pretty mom to an event for the first time. And of course it drew everyone’s attention. 

Messy mane, curious children’s eyes and a mischievous smile. Clearly: the sweet Alessio Lombardi is already an eye-catcher on the red carpet. At the opening of the new “Peppa Pig Land” theme world in the Heidepark Resort Soltau, the mini-Lombardi not only impressed his proud mom. 

Sit there, mom, now I come!

Small really big: Alessio Lombardi is clearly enjoying his first public appearance. (Source: imago / APress)

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Of course, she had a cool outfit ready for the big appearance of her favorite. The Lombardis simply have it stylish. Will Alessio be the man by Mama Sarah’s side more often in the future when it comes to events?

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At least the two-year-old should elicit ecstatic “Oh” and “Ah” from even the harshest Lombardi critics.

Sarah Lombardi has turned her back on cold Germany to spend a few nice days in warm Dubai. However, a holiday photo that the singer published on Instagram has now caused heated discussions. 

Sarah Lombardi is currently on vacation with her son Alessio in Dubai. The beautiful brunette enjoys the fantastic weather and lets her fans participate via Instagram. However, a picture that shows the former DSDS candidate in tight hot pants and a strapless top is now met with heavy criticism. The accusation: Sarah Lombardi is too revealingly dressed for the Arab world. 

Sarah Lombardi: Your vacation photo causes heated discussions on the net. (Source: imago images)

“Disrespectful clothing. Different countries, different customs, Ms. Lombardi,” writes a user. Another follower utters: “Seems to have not paid attention in school, in the subject of religion. Disrespectful!” But in addition to criticism, the 25-year-old also received a lot of encouragement. “I’ve just been to the Emirates for a long time and I don’t understand what kind of uprising is being made here because of their style of clothing. Even the local women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi wear slim-fitting, cropped pants and shorts,” says a fan . 

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Another follower sees it very similarly: “In the western part of Dubai it’s not a problem at all. I walked around in short clothes myself.” Sarah Lombardi probably won’t let her vacation be spoiled anyway. And she has already published another vacation photo – this time nicely in a dress. 

Sources used: Instagram profile Sarah Lombardi

Sarah Lombardi had troubled days! Her son Alessio had to go to the hospital. Now the 25-year-old reveals how he is currently doing.