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In my previous blog, I spoke about beginning to make a strategy if you are a new mum getting prepared to return to work. When you’ve defined the sort of arrangement which may work best for you personally — you are well on the road to making your back-to-work plan. Here are 3 more important hints:1. Know that feeling unprepared to go back to work is very common, and TEMPORARY… You really feel like you haven’t used your brain for anything aside from parental responsibilities . Or that you have forgotten how to even talk to adults at a pro setting! Be your’baby brain’ remains as current as ever and you’re worried that the fog persist. These feelings are common, however temporary. As a mother, flexibility is your new middle name! How frequently have you needed to change paths, counter strategies, or tackle a challenge thrown into the middle of your daily life, with no warning? Your ability to adapt is off the charts! And you will be surprised how quickly you’ll adapt to some workplace reunite. 2. Know that your VALUE at the office Even if it’s been years since you’re in 17 new skills you can put on your cv after becoming a mum | talented ladies club the office, it’s still true that you have comprehension plus you still have worth to an employer. There are plenty of tools available to help you reconnect with your strengths, skills and confidence. A Terrific place to start is the Back to Work Advice Hub, by Women Returners: womenreturners. Com/advice/In accession, there is some fantastic suggestions for how to use the wonderful skills you use daily for a mum to your benefit at work. I like this informative article composed by the Talented Ladies Club: talentedladiesclub. com/articles/17-new-skills-you-can-put-on-your-cv-after-becoming-a-mum/3. Talk to other moms… and find a MENTOR! There are other girls exactly like those who are eager to assist with your transition to the workplace. Undoubtedly, you have mums in your community who have returned to operate successfully. Search them out. Request advice. Pick their brain. The more info you glean, the better the decisions you can make. Know there’s power in having a mentor to help you through the procedure; somebody to reach out to get wisdom and support. And especially to know that you aren’t alone in navigating the effective return . Until the next time, SarahSarah Gonzalez, ACC, CPCCwww. thewinningmum. cominfo@thewinningmum. com