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DriveHQ is another service that provides cloud backups via FTP. The backup servers can be used via any FTP client including FileZilla, CuteFTP, WsFTP, SmartFTP, Fetch, CoreFTP, or Cyberduck. DriveHQ Cloud FTP Server is also compatible with all FTP (SFTP/FTPS) Client software.

The panel below the file tree shows the file queue, and right-clicking it enables you to process the queue, or decide what should happen once it’s finished processing . DropBox, iCloud Drive and other file storage services have their joys, but they’re a pale imitation of what FTP clients like FileZilla can do. CrossFTP is a cross-platform FTP plugin that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. FTP is becoming rarer and rarer as businesses and individuals move to more secure forms of backup that are compliant with the latest emerging privacy regulations such as GDPR.

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As a long time user I use Transmit… I started with version 1 or 2 and have never looked back. FTP (which I don’t use), SFTP, S3, WebDAV (do folks use that anymore?) are all built in.

Time and again when something else won’t connect or is dropping out for me WS_FTP connects and stays connected. Cyberduck is an excellent cross-platform FTP client, with Windows and Mac versions available. Cyberduck is free to download and, like WordPress, is open-source. Everything you need is within easy reach, with handy icons for toggling processing of the queue, refreshing file and folder lists to show recent changes, and reconnecting to the last used server hmachi. Once you’re connected, just drag and drop files from the left-hand pane to the right to transfer them.

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However, for firms or individuals who still need or require FTP backups, there are still some services on the market that can provide uploading and downloading to cloud servers via the FTP protocol. Bakop is another cloud storage service that provides FTP connections for uploading and downloading files. However, Bakop is unique because it is a service that is dedicated to FTP backups.

Dumped FileZilla for it because FileZilla always disconnected and gave errors when trying to refresh the connection etc. A Serv-U / FTP Voyager combo is perhaps the most robust file transfer combo out there.

The scheduling feature of FTP Voyager rocks and it works really well for stuff other than just WordPress development. When used with Serv-U there are some advanced features that you can’t find in any other FTP client/server combo. Voyager was doing SFTP before clients like FileZilla were even in diapers. My all time favorite FTP client is Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional. I’ve tried many of those you list here and have also run my own FTP server using SERV-U.

I use FileZilla, but if I am on a computer where no FTP client is installed you can just as easy use Windows Explorer. Just enter the FTp address in the address bar and you are prompted for the username and password. The title of the article is rather odd, since you don’t need an FTP app to connect to WordPress. You need it to upload/download files from the server that WordPress is running on. Has SFTP, multiple connections with coloured tabs, scheduled transfers, flexible UI, keeps connections alive.