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Finest place to purchase PEAR shaped diamond engagement ring.



I’m available for a pear shaped diamond engagement ring. I would enjoy the middle stoen to be abotu 1 carat. . I shall try Bluenile and whiteflash. . But I was expecting PRICESCOPE needed a hiddne bargain for me.

I have time to seek out the ideal ring so that I will await the ideal deal for me an my S.O.

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Sry for those typos. I was at a small hurry.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.



I’d start looking for a seller that provides images since figurines may fluctuate widely. You may want to attempt JamesAllen since they have a massive database of images. Or you might work with a seller who’d need to ‘telephone in’ distinct figurines for evaluation.



I’d use Great Old diamond engagement rings Gold any fancy shapes since they can telephone them and provide you with good quality images in addition to advice about the perfomance of this diamond.



I’d call Facets and Great Old Gold and Engagement Rings Immediate.

Amys Bling.


Ditto. Blue Nile is fantastic and they have a tendency to have costs which are a little lower/smaller ct ranges– they don’t provide pictures. It is possible to purchase a RB from the amounts but fancies are harder. I’d go with avendor that provides images or may comment on the true stone facing them and direct you.

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