Slots in four is made up: better to play online?
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Introduction: it is stupid wary of Online Casino

Many players just trust the online casino, because they fear it could be rigged. In fact, as explained several times, it is very difficult that is: based on standardized software and being forced to maintain complete record (log) of each event of hundreds of thousands or millions of players and having to answer for everything to regulators International, actually have very little margin for “cheating”. At the most they can get the player to play again, giving bonuses and encouraging them with rewards, and trusting that the large numbers is always the dealer to win (except with that trick roulette seen a few days ago).

Playtech or Microgaming or other homes that provide software for which they are responsible, none of them would want to be accused of an international scam. Both the bank wins most of the same players and with large numbers of customers these figures are HUGE, so what good risk it all for a few pounds more, when it would be certain to end up ruined in no time? It would be folly. <.P>

What happens instead with Slots and Video Poker in small venues?

There it comes to small businesses with a limited clientele and cheating can be for them the only way to dramatically increase your profits. In addition, since it is “fixed” and not machines online software provided on an “As is” by the manufacturer could make up a car and maybe not truccarne another. And when they pass the financiers or who is dealing for the controls, do so to check those “not tampered with” or other tricks (even just based on luck: two rigged, not two, if RARITIES controls have a 50% of escape!).

Do not believe us?

Do you still think that the slot and physical VideoPoker are safer than online? Ok. So we’re serious, we pull out the REAL, updated and REAL. No chat, just the bare DATA, around which there is nothing to discuss. You know that 23% of the slots / Italian video poker is rigged? And you know that 10%, nearly half of those altered, is completely illegal?

These are not gossip or propaganda in favor of online casinos, but they are FACTS. They have disclosed the State Monopoly Here are the figures in absolute terms: about 11,000 public venues telematic type slot / video poker games were tested on a sample 43,806 machines, almost all for real money play and that gave winnings in real money (so true and their casino games such as video poker), nearly 1 in 4 was altered: that had been provided for in accordance with stamp and then tampered with and made up, or had never been provided with stamp in much “makeup from birth” (totally illegal). Alberto Giorgetti, Under-Secretary of Economy with the delegation to the games, he reiterated the importance of more careful controls with the aim to completely eradicate the irregularities of the slots industry / video poker. Yes, of course, but how much will it take? Meanwhile they are … what, 20-30 years that Italians do cheat with slot machines of the premises?

Is not it time to pack it in at his best in bar and dirty and smoky localacci? Referring also to the figure of the idiot machines that everyone knows to be fraudulent or nearly so? It is better to play online with secure games, much more beautiful than those old abortions maybe 10-15 years who are in bars? And winning real money (if one has the ass, of course), to be paid without any discomfort on the account, or have them sent as a check or pay on a Neteller account from which cash without bank steps directly with a debit card at an ATM?

Do not be a dunce.
Do not cheat yourself again.
Play Safe.