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This behavior could even occur from exact Make/Models of drives. I asked the question to confirm whether my own interpretation of the SMART report for these two drives was correct and to minimise the potential of me overlooking a rapidly approaching failure. I am no expert on this so I would like to present to all of you a copy of the last SMART report for the two drives in my FreeNAS install which have had running for almost a year without issues. If you’d prefer a graphical user interface rather than using a command line then check outGSmartControl which provides an easy to use interface for the SmartMonTools command line utility. There is no risk to losing your data by running this command, however, it may degrade system performance while the scan is being performed.

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However, sometimes the disk controller will not notice the fault and may need a gentle nudge to help it discover the problem. Running a drive self-test can sometimes resolve such issues. Ordinarily, this information isn’t visible to most end users through the OS, you can however access the S.M.A.R.T metrics of your drive using a tool such as SmartMonTools.

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The meaning and interpretation of the attributes varies between manufacturers, and are sometimes considered a trade secret for one manufacturer or another. PCRepair is a powerful easy-to-use cleanup & repair tool for your PC. A value of 0 may mean that the drive is operating in read-only mode to allow data recovery. On some pre-2005 drives, this raw value may advance erratically and/or "wrap around" . If the above value is True, then the drive is in the faulty state. The next column, Reason, contains the status code that describes the exact reason of the issue.

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A small tool, but a must-have Hard Drive health monitoring tool. Hard disk temperature monitoring is a way to prevent the loss of data. 0xE7Life Left or TemperatureIndicates the approximate SSD life left, in terms of program/erase cycles or available reserved blocks. A normalized value of 100 represents a new drive, with a threshold value at 10 indicating a need for replacement. A value of 0 may mean that the drive is operating in read-only mode to allow data recovery.Previously (pre-2010) occasionally used for Drive Temperature . More detail on the health of the drive may be obtained by examining the S.M.A.R.T. Attributes. S.M.A.R.T. Attributes were included in some drafts of the ATA standard, but were removed before the standard became final.

The next line, Reason, contains the status code that describes the exact reason of the issue. On the next page, you’ll find the drive health report value under the Drive health section. The Error log on a drive contains a record of errors encountered during the drive’s operation, such as read errors, uncorrectable errors, CRC errors, and so on. Running an Offline test will also make the drive print more errors here if they are found during the test.

I’ve heard a few complaints about the 3TB drives but in general the WD Red series are pretty robust. My six drives have exceeded their warranty and have been running basically non-stop since I purchased them.

Its primary purpose is to test the drive after it has been physically relocated to determine if any components have been damaged by the move software downloads. To determine if a drive supports a conveyance test, refer to the S.M.A.R.T. Capabilities output. For this reason, we need to refer to a third-party solution to illustrate the real-time conditions of the storage device. The freeware that we are about to discuss further into the article uses the exact same attributes to identify the characteristics and status of these devices.